Can I take driving lessons with my parents?

What are the benefits of driving with my parents?

If you are considering taking driving lessons with your parents rather than an instructor, you should look at both the pros and the cons. In doing this you are able to make an informed decision and even take precautions to negate some of the cons so that they don’t have heavy implications on your driving ability. Here’s just a few ways that learning with a parent’s supervision is good.

  • You can feel more comfortable

    The familiarity between you and your parents means you can relax almost instantly. The calmer you are, the less likely you are to make silly mistakes.

  • It can be more flexible

    Having this flexibility means you don’t have to faff around with booking lessons and managing your life around them. Having a comfortable relationship with your parents and driving means you can both go out when you want to practice.

  • It can save a lot of money

    Driving lessons can be costly, so being able to drive in a parent’s vehicle can be far more beneficial in regards money. They only thing you’d have to discuss with your parents is the cost of adding an additional learner driver to their insurance policy…or starting your own policy if you already own your own car.

What are the cons of driving with my parents?

Learning to drive with your parents sounds all well and good, but there are downsides of course.

  • Be careful of developing bad habits

    Your parent is probably an established driver who has been around the road a few times. This means that they could have also developed quite a few bad habits from their experience on the road. These are things you do not want to pick up, especially with your driving test looming.

  • Parents can be less patient than driving instructors

    Being familiar with your parents could mean they are far more likely to snap or get angry due to not having a professional buffer.

  • They might not know the latest traffic laws

    It could have been a long time since they passed their test, and therefore may not be up to date with the changes of laws. This means that you may have to do some extra studying to brush up on your knowledge.

What insurance will I need to be able to learn to drive in my parent’s car?

If you are looking to learn in your parent’s vehicle you may need to take a look at their current insurance and discuss if their current insurance policy allows for an additional learner driver.

As an alternative, if you decide you want to jump straight in and get a vehicle of your own, you are able to get a full Learner Driver Insurance policy on your own vehicle. This means you are able to drive in your own car with supervision while you learn.

Not only could you be able to drive your own vehicle, but most learner driver insurance policies are flexible in time, covering you until you pass your test…whether that takes 3 months or 12 months!

What insurance can I get once I pass my driving test?

Some Learner Driver insurance policies cover you only whilst you’re learning, and will stop providing cover once you’ve passed your test. This means you have to start a new policy once you’ve taken and passed your Practical test.

There are other policies that come with the added benefit of just continuing once you’ve passed, without any break in cover or additional cost – they carry over into a young driver policy the second you pass your test. What’s more with this type of policy, you can start earning your NCB straight away, even while you’re learning to drive!